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Harvest Alliance International

Sending Missionaries All Over the World

Harvest Alliance International is a non-denominational missionary sending and support organization. We have partnered with independent missionaries across the globe for over 25 years, providing a ministry home base, a variety of support systems as well as assistance in the financial aspects of doing ministry.

Harvest works with individuals and local churches to provide vital administrative and accounting assistance, training, prayer and personal support and accountability.   We equip, mobilize and facilitate independent missionaries for a variety of Christ centered ministries throughout the world.

Each missionary has a unique, individual calling established by the Lord; but all have one main focus: To Impact the World for Christ and to raise up disciples who will Impact the World for Christ.

Harvest is a 501 (c) 3 qualified corporation.

About Us

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Sending Missionaries since 1994

Our History

In 1994, International Church Missions, our parent organization, was founded as a California corporation.  In 2010 we started doing business as Harvest Alliance International, to better describe our goals and passions.

Harvest – the process of gathering

Alliance – groups, peoples, or nations who are in agreement on a common goal

International – around the world

Missionaries join as staff members with individual, unique ministries, but all work toward the common goal of bringing the love of God and the truth of the Bible to the people, countries and communities they serve.  Each Staff Member affirms what we believe.We are a diverse ministry with staff throughout the world involved in a variety of activities including youth sports in Cambodia, training pastors and church leaders in Rwanda, Uganda and East Africa, church planting in Japan, friendship evangelism in “dark” countries, mentoring high school youth in the U.S., focusing on children in Peru and operating an outreach Bed and Breakfast in France – just to name a few.



You can help

Is God Calling You To the Harvest?

With over 25 years partnering with missionaries in the United States and abroad, we have the experience needed to partner with you.  We work logistically and personally to help you fill your unique ministry calling.  From building relationships that will influence the world for Christ, to building bridges which advance the Kingdom of God.  Where ever God calls you and however He can use you, we will help you get to your mission field and encourage you as you use your unique gifts in your community and work in the Harvest.

Harvest Alliance is comprised of individuals who have heard the call of God, are closely walking with Him and are already having influence in their communities.  Our staff are on the front lines of the battle in every area conceivable and are making an impact.  God gives each of us gifts and abilities to accomplish His will and answer His call.  Harvest Alliance is seeking those individuals who hear the call, understand the cost of obedience and are prepared to go where He sends to advance His Kingdom.

Do you sense God calling you to this ministry? Are you ready to find out how to become a part of this vital ministry – and join in the harvest? If so, please click here to obtain the information on our process for bringing you into the ministry of Harvest Alliance International.

If you would like to talk to one of our staff, contact us.